Dora-on-the-unicorn-king“Hail the unicorn king! Hail the unicorn king! Shouts Dora as she rides on his back along with her friend boots on their toughest adventure ever”. The unicorn king has decided to render his help by taking them on him to the place where they are supposed to go. It is a quite dangerous journey and they have to go a long way crossing many ups and downs. Therefore, this journey requires a lot of preparation beforehand. Dora the explorer wants you to join in her adventure. Are you surprised on hearing this good news? Yes, you can very well take part in her adventure by doing whatever you can on your part. What Dora wants from you is that you prepare the unicorn king for greatest adventure ever. So first of all wipe him with a towel and then cleanse him with repeated washing. Once washing process is over, you can gear him up for the journey with a saddle and a pair of wings and you can also change his horn, hooves, mane and tail as you like to get a perfect look. Dora will surely appreciate your work when she sees the unicorn king’s dashing look and she will have a happy journey. Have fun!

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